& Knuckles

  Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Bo, Patrick & Knuckles. WItcher III & Knuckles. Everything is better with Knuckles!

The Lightning Round Paradox

  Kroze is nowhere to be found (probably at another convention), so Patrick and Bo are left to lightning-round this week’s stories in this abridged episode.

Cellphone Synergy

  Kroze is stranded somewhere on the east coast without an internet connection, but the show must go on as Bo calls Kroze’s cell phone to conduct this week’s Name Not Final. The boys mourn…

Episode 7 1/2: The Salt Awakens

Interwebs, the final frontier…. these are the voices of the radio show Name Not Final… their ongoing mission? To insult the newest movie trailers… to talk about why DC continues to fail at movies but…

Uninterrupted Interruptions

Ever have one of those days where you are a guest at a convention and you are just trying to do your radio show recording at a convention when one thing after another keeps happening…

Is it time for pi?

  Listen as Kroze, Bo and Patrick cover this week’s tech, gaming, and geek news… who are we kidding? Apple apple apple, Apple Watch, apple apple apple apple!

We Are VR!

  The three troopers of Name Not Final – Kroze, Patrick and Bo – return this week to talk about the latest tech, gaming, and geek news. This week we take a look at HTC…

Fifty Shames of Kroze

Patrick and Bo drew straws to see who would spend time with Kroze on Valentine’s day… guess who lost. Our special ‘fifty shames’ episode with Kroze and Patrick is now available for streaming or download.

The Legend of Netflix

Patrick, Bo, and yes.. even Kroze return to bring you the the past week’s geeky news wrap up, including Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, Netflix’s Daredevil & Zelda series’, Star Wars release date…