Cheesy Business NARF!

If you’ve never listened to Name Not Final… this is probably a good episode start, as Pinky from Pinky and the Brain (Rob Paulsen) literally crashes our show.

  • Kroze’s Pun Count – 4
  • NARF Count – 4

Topics from this week:

  • Minecraft on XBox One / PS4
  • Nintendo News – Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4
  • DLC & Cheetos?
  • Samsung announces Google Cardboard…
  • War of the Watches
  • Destiny, the new fragrance from Microsoft
  • Mau5 vs Car
    Mau5 gets Car?
    Mau5 vs Mouse… NARF!
  • Wayforward (Duck Tales Remastered) takes a crack at Ninja Turtles.

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