Smashing Apples

Sam from Omni Expo fills in for Patrick, joining Bo and Kroze as they talk about the upcoming Smash Brothers (and some other fruit-related things, but mostly Smash Bros.).

Kroze pun count: 16

Topics from this week:

Smash Bros

  •     Day 1 Update
  •     US Demo
  •     Needs Codes Badly will kill Kroze
  •     Roy confirmed for smash bros


  •     iPhone
  •     Apple Watch
  •     iSmack
  •     Samsung Ads

Hyrule Warriors getting a Limited Edition in NA, only at the Nintendo World Store

Activision: $500m spent on Destiny “shows the confidence we have” in the IP

BF4 DLC “Final Stand” revealed: 4 new maps, railgun battle pickup, hover tanks, more

Square Enix launches Dive In streaming service in Japan for mobile (FFXIII,FFVII,etc)

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy World Wide Words (iOS, AND – 16th Sept launch)

WSJ: “Mojang to be bought by Microsoft’
Unity – bought out for 2 billion


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