Destination Not Final – Episode 1: Driven To Insanity

Ever wonder what happens when two of your favorite radio show hosts get bored and go driving off somewhere without an idea as to where? No? WELL TOO BAD!

Bo and Kroze get unleashed out into the world and record their car travels and incessant ramblings about random things such as Kroze’s anime plot idea, Bo’s musings on the Fresh Prince of Ann Arbor, and if Dungeons and Dragons were applied to the final battle of Star Wars Episode III between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

If you come into this episode thinking you will find something even remotely similar to normal Name Not Final, well then you done goofed! This is uncontrolled craziness at its finest and maybe like 3 minutes of this hour and forty minute recording might be entertaining! Only way to find out is to listen now to this hot mess!

Warning: Car noises aplenty.

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