This week on Name Not Final we take a moment to remember and reflect upon the life of Satoru Iwata, former president and CEO of Nintendo, along with his many many contributions to the industry. His passing has left many to wonder where Nintendo is going to go from here without his continued guidance and thus we talk and theorize about Nintendo’s future post-Iwata and who could follow his lead.

In less sad news, Kroze has returned from being a Convention Gypsy™ once again and tells us of his many travels to the land of smelly nerds and genocide – according to Lex Luthor himself that is – known only as San Diego Comic Con 2015. We had hoped he wouldn’t come back, but hey! He brought back Google Cardboard for Bo to trip balls over. Tripping SERIOUS balls. There is video evidence of this.

Finally in order to sate Patrick’s blood/Microsoft lust, we go over new Microsoft HoloLens news and touch upon how no matter what we say, Bo will still be throwing his wallet at the Microsoft Store windows in order to procure one later this year…

Wait, didn’t we have an Xbox One to give away? Hmmm we may need to look into that…

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